Adopt methods and tools to create meaningful impact

Observation, Visualisation of Understanding, Creativity, Evaluation and Decision-making


Our tools enable you to adopt  design thinking and doing in tackling your problems in daily life and the community. They are designed in a fun and tangible way for all users (even beginners) to plug-in into the projects.



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Developing a sharp eye that can discover and discern an unmet need can be difficult. Some of our tools lead you to focus on different aspects and to connect all of the things you see with an overarching framework.


Creativity may be the main hurdle many people encounter when it comes to creative activities. Some of the tools infuse randomness through games to trigger the ability of association. Additionally, visual elements aid imagination.

Evaluation and Decision-making

Design thinking encourages people to generate as many ideas as possible, but it can also make it difficult for people to choose between such a wide range of ideas. Some tools help you to choose your ideas not according to gut feelings but through discussion and the use of criteria.