Statement Stand

Visualising Understanding
Evaluation and Decision-making

WHAT is it?

This is simply a stand that states the main goal of a project. As simple as it is, the stand can serve as a very important reminder for students.
The physical presence of the stand is also important for the teacher/facilitator to point to during discussion.

WHY use it?

In the hectic design process, it is common even for professional designers to detour from what they originally planned. Although experienced designers more often than not harness this type of distraction as a source of unexpected inspiration, it is also important to stay focused on the task. The statement stand acts as a reminder to bear in mind the main goal of the project and the needs of the users.

HOW to do it?

Put the stand in the middle of the table at a later stage of a project. Refer to it occasionally as a reminder to students to stay on track.

The statement can be replaced but only if there is a clear and distinct reason to change the main goal of the project.

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