Design Logbook

Visualising Understanding
Evaluation and Decision-making

WHAT is it?

The log book, as its name suggests, is a tool for the students to record the process from the beginning to the end.
Through completing the log book, the students would at the end find themselves also having form a synopsis of the project too.

WHY teach it?

From experience, students sometimes would find it difficult to connect all the different separate sessions or tasks to have a sense of continuity, even though the tasks are set out to be accumulative. The log book helps them to condense the processinto concrete and precise focal point at each stage. It also provides space for the students to go back and forth among different stages of the design process. Filling in the log book at the end of each session is also very important for the students to develop a habit of reflection.

HOW to do it

It is important to save at least 5 mins at the end of each lesson for the students to fill in the log book before they leave. If the time allow, it would be great if every lesson could start with a short recap of the log book. Teacher are suggested to keep a “teacher’s version” of the log book, with photos showing what they did in different lessons.

It is common that the purpose or even the target users of the project will change in the course of it. The log book has reserved space for them to also record the changes.

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