WHAT is it?

The Soinno Dice is a set of tools designed for students to learn about social innovation through a simple game. The tool consists of an icosahedron (20-sided) die and a case dossier with over 100 cases of social innovation
( Chinese Version / English Version ).

WHY use it?

This session teaches students about the practice of social innovation, providing examples from Hong Kong and around the world. Through the game, the students also learn about different means of social innovation and try to imagine solutions through these different means.

HOW to do it?

Introduction (10mins)

Explain the goal of the session and the several steps that the students will go through.


The die is an icosahedron (20 -sided). Each face has an icon for a specific strategy of social innovation. Altogether there are 19 strategies taken from more than 100 cases.

Roll the dice (5mins)

Ask the students to roll the dice one by one. The icon that shows from the roll is a challenge for them to think up new ideas for tackling the issues with that strategy.

SoInno Cases (15mins)

The students are now asked to think of a solution by adopting that strategy, but they may not know how the strategies work. They can learn this through real and proven examples around the world. Facilitators can lead the students to access examples of social innovation using that particular strategy and discuss the pros and cons of that strategy in the chosen case (each strategy has several cases listed, of which facilitators can choose one to share and discuss with the students).

Download Link:
Chinese Version
English Version

Brainstorming (10mins)

Brainstorm solutions for the problem/issue at hand with the particular strategy. Sometimes the strategy may not be a perfect fit for the specific topic that the groups are working on, in which case the facilitator should urge the students to be creative as sometimes an unexpected outcome can arise from accidental mismatches. Exercise some flexibility with this, however: if everyone thinks that the strategy is really not suitable, the student could be asked to re-roll the die.

Repeated rolling (40mins)

Keep taking turns until the facilitators believe that the groups have enough ideas. Some of the ideas can then be selected for discussion and presentation.

Presentation and debriefing (20mins)

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