Idea Speed Dating


WHAT is it?

This provides a method for students to come up with many ideas quickly. The method also allows students to collaboratively generate ideas, avoiding any premature attachment to a personally generated idea.

WHY teach it?

This exercise helps students practise divergent thinking. Students must take inspiration from the intuitions of others instead of being stuck within their own intuitions.

Through this method, students also practise how to collaborate as they communicate ideas, and to develop ideas or concepts on grounds generated by


HOW to do it

Introduction (10mins)

Explain the goal of the session and the several steps that the students will go through.

Speed dating (30mins)

Find a table that is big enough for everyone in the group to sit around. People should fit tightly and be shoulder-to-shoulder along all sides.

Cover the entire table with a large roll of paper.*

Make sure that everyone has something to draw with, preferably with a wide range of colours. Every 2 minutes, everyone takes a step to their left so they are in the position that their neighbour was in previously, and they must now build from their neighbour’s idea.

*You can choose to attach multiple sheets of paper together to make the long roll, as it is meant to be divided into different pieces later.

Analysing ideas (20mins)

Divide the papers into several pieces so every group has one section.

In groups, the students start to select and analyse some of the ideas.

Presentation and debriefing (10mins)

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