Scenario Building

Visualising Understanding

WHAT is it?

This task uses comic drawing for students to try to capture how an idea might unfold in real life. They are asked to draw comic strips to imagine how users will engage with the product/service.

WHY teach it?

This exercise introduces the storytelling aspect of design, helping students reflect on how a design is a meaning-/value-making process that unfolds in time.

HOW to do it?

Introduction (5mins)

Explain the goal of the day and the several steps that the students will go through.
Recap the ideas the group came up with in the last session

Drawing scenarios (30mins)

Ask the students to complete the blank comic strip by imagining how their ideas will be used in real life. Ask them to adopt the perspective of users in drawing the comic strip from Need to Concept to Solution and then to Value.
Show them real examples of how to distinguish between the different elements.

Comparing scenarios (10mins)

Students should choose more than one idea to visualise, and then the facilitators should lead them to compare the differences between two scenarios, especially regarding the way the ideas stream from need to concept.

Presentation and debriefing (15mins)

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