MTR Planning Tool

Visualising Understanding

WHAT is it?

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) planning tool helps students and teachers map out the objectives of a project. The tool’s basic elements are the lines and stops of MTR maps, which help map out learning or project goals. The visual system of the MTR map helps students imagine the routes, and they can utilise the spatial metaphor to understand the connections between their various goals.

WHY use it?

This is also a tool for teachers. When teachers have ideas of the diverse needs of their class, this tool can be helpful for mapping the various learning goals and needs of different students.

HOW to do it

  • Think of different learning goals for at least 3 different students.
  • Identify the real needs and learning goals of these students.
  • Try to imagine how different students may think while learning the subject knowledge.
  • Cut out the elements from the kit, and make use of them to map the learning route in the form of an MTR map.
  • The intersecting ‘stations’ can represent the shared goals and needs of different students.
  • Try to think of things that students have done in their learning that you found interesting, and record these as coping methods.

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